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These are some of the Emails we've received from our blessed customers, read them to find out how they felt after wearing out blessing eyeglass pin, and if you bought one of our pins, please feel free to send us your thoughts and feelings about your experience with the Blessed by an Angel Pin. to do so, just send your comments to:

we will do our best to share it with the rest of of our customers.


I can't tell you enough how pleased I'm with my new Angel Eye Glasses pin, I put my grandson's Picture in it and even when I don't need to put my glasses in it, I fee great to have  my angel "grandson" in an angel frame that I truly feel blesses him,  and give me the chance to show how proud I'm to be his grandmother!

 what a great Idea, I Think I'm going to order another one for my daughter, she doesn't wear glasses but she will still enjoy wearing it as I do.


Linda. S

Austin, TX

Ever since I bought my new Angel Eyeglass pin  from you, I feel blessed everywhere I go, in many situations,  things seem to somehow work in the best possible way for me,  I don't know if it is real or mere fate , but I fell things go my way when I'm wearing it.

Angels have always been a part of my obsession, and after I bought the angel pin, I couldn't say enough how blessed I feel. Thank you.

T. Williams

New York, NY

I wanted to give my Family a gift that will hold our departed Father's picture, so your bless my photo pin was exactly what we needed, it gave each one of us a momentous of our Dad, we now feel that our blessings are carried next to our hearts for him, and most of all, we get to show our pride of our father. furthermore, your    10% donation to charity made us feel like our blessing went even further and was even stronger.


Thank you.


John S.

Fayetteville, AR

I First saw your Pin on QVC and hesitated to order it at that time, after that, I always felt that I should have bought one, Especially when I lost my two hundred dollar Glasses.  The first thing that came to my mind was that had I bought your bless my photo pin and placed my mother's photo in it, not only would I carried and showed her photo very proudly, would have had a blessing for her, and I might still have my Glasses today, because I tend to just place them any where when I'm not using them!



Liz W.

Austin, TX

  The Perfect gift 



These People have been blessed, and Now, you too can Bless your photo






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